Michael Goetzman

Information Technology Leader.

I offer consulting, ideas, and resources for people working
to create social change.

As reflected by my upbringing of family environmentalists, we have a long demonstrated passionate defense for Wisconsin environmental issues. Our work comprises of reintroduction of native species, monitoring freshwater habitats, and preserving wilderness for nocturnal species through innovation and the pioneering of substantive scientific applications.

Humanity is facing the most challenging, yet fascinating, time in history (in my humble opinion), today's era depicts some the greatest progression stories led by the greatest men, women, and civilizations the world has ever seen.

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I desire to travel the world, but reality makes it rarely possible (kids). Therefore I attend & speak at technology/infosec conferences. I study esoteric technological emerging trends such as zero-days, cyber-defense countermeasures, and overly paranoid subjects such as bio-hacking, hardware hacking, internet of things, phreaking, and physical security!

Traveling the world is the most exciting mission of mine of course… most of my previous travel destinations have involved the odd places of the Americas: Cuba, mayan ruins of Mexico, train rides through Canada, remote islands of the Bahamas, and the like. I goto Vegas too often though. I’m proud to have completed some of my graduate studies in Havana, Cuba in that I studied Information Technology and the exciting black/gray markets of Havana! I continue to study and be fascinated with the ever-evolving political evolution of relations between Cuba and the States.

Michael Goetzman

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