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Information Technology & Security Leader

Wisconsin CyberSecurity
Whooping Cranes

In my humble opinion, humanity is facing borderline impossible environmental challenges. Our era depicts the fastest decline of biodiversity and multifaceted damage to nature, yet there is hope with technical advancement and positive progression stories led by incredible men, women, and children pushing civilizations and governments forward towards betterment.

My family for many generations has been environmentally conscious. We have a long advocated for protections of sensitive lands, urging others to stand up in defense of equal footing with plants and animals, and directly tackled state governments like Wisconsin's environmental policies. Our hands-on work consists of reintroduction of native species, monitoring the health of freshwater habitats, renewable resources, and preserving our wilderness of nocturnal species. We drive initiatives through tech innovation and the pioneering of scientific data applications.

One direct impact is our family's Solar System installed in 2022. Click here to check out this exciting Solar project.

Michael Goetzman Biography

Michael Goetzman is an Information Technology & Security Leader, hacker, security researcher, advocate, and public speaker. Michael fights for social good. Beyond his day job as a vCISO / professional IT Security leader he enjoys studying esoteric technological emerging trends such as trust, privacy, and cyber-defense countermeasures. Some of these subjects are interesting challenges related to artificial intelligence, facial recognition, bio-hacking, hardware hacking, internet of things, smart cities, and additionally historical styles of phreaking and physical security. 

When possible, Mike volunteers for other social causes and attends & speaks at many fascinating conferences. Mike posts on this website to help share things that interest him with the hope that it also interests you and guides the advancement of ideas and curiosity.

Michael also dives head-first into environmental issues. In response to his opinion on humanities impact to climate change Michael stated “In my humble opinion, Humanity is facing the greatest challenges with, although fascinating, time in history...hopefully we do not become history.” The era depicts some the fastest progression stories led by incredible men, women, and powerful civilizations the world has ever seen. As a youngster, Mike Goetzman had an early impulse to discover how our world ticks. He dreamed of seeking out places perhaps nobody has set foot on for 500 years discovering new and exciting plants and animals. 

As an adult this need for discovery still exists. Mr. Goetzman actively seeks out unique adventures. The more interesting, unique, and abnormal these experiences are, the more he is satisfied. Travel and social justice are his thing, this seems to be the best solution of existence, both near and far. Along the way, maybe there is a chance for social good, environmental changes, and overall sharing of optimism.

“I hope you enjoy your time on my small slice of the web.” Learn more about Mike Goetzman’s projects, his ideas, his passions, and discoveries. Don’t be shy. Please reach out, discuss some of these fascinating topics with Michael Goetzman! =)
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