Michael Goetzman

Information Technology & Security Leader

Offering Strategic and Tactical consulting 
to create innovative social change.

As reflected by my upbringing of family environmentalists, we have a long demonstrated passionate defense for Wisconsin environmental issues. Our work comprises of reintroduction of native species, monitoring freshwater habitats, and preserving wilderness for nocturnal species through innovation and the pioneering of substantive scientific applications.

Humanity is facing the most challenging, yet fascinating, time in history (in my humble opinion), today's era depicts some the greatest progression stories led by the greatest men, women, and civilizations the world has ever seen.

Michael Goetzman Biography

As a professional IT Security leader, I consistently study esoteric technological emerging trends such as trust, privacy, cyber-defense countermeasures, and overly paranoid subjects such as artificial intelligence, facial recognition, bio-hacking, hardware hacking, internet of things, smart cities, along with old school styles of phreaking and physical security. When possible, I volunteer for causes, attend & speak at many technology conferences. Sharing with the community helps advance the industry as a whole.

As a youngster, I had an early impulse to discover how our world ticks and sought out places perhaps nobody has set foot on for 500 years, or better yet.. EVER. As an adult this desire still exists, I actively seek out adventures. The more interesting, unique, and abnormal these experiences are the more I’m satisfied. Travel seems to be the best solution, both near and far.

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