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Microsoft Surface Products Decision

After visiting Microsoft's headquarters for the first time two weeks ago (March 2018) and while on-site learning more about their product vision and goals, I found myself shopping for a Microsoft surface, this is the breakdown of their product line and how each style would apply to my life.

Surface products offer a series of various windows personal computers, touch screens and interactive whiteboards developed and designed by Microsoft. They are manufactured by Pegatron and are premium, intended as examples to Windows OEMs. The Microsoft surface device consists of 2-in 1 detachable notebooks, hybrid tablets, interactive whiteboard and all in one convertible desktop with their various accessories which are all unique in different ways. Other than the first generation devices the surface and surface two all other surface PCs are Windows ten operating system compatible and also use Intel processors.

This family consists of six main device lines. The surface line which has hybrid tablets with an optional stylus pen and detachable keyboard accessories whose latest model uses a SoC processor, and an Intel Atom. Its latest model is the surface 3. The surface pro has hybrid professional tablets and uses optional accessories like the detachable keyboard. Its latest devices are the surface pro: which is 7th generation does not use a stylus pen and uses an Intel Core series processor. The surface laptop: this is a 13.5-inch touchscreen notebook that runs on windows 10S but has room for the upgrade to windows 10 pro. The surface book: this is a notebook which has a detachable screen. Discrete graphics are configured with its base, and its display is independently operable and supports the stylus. The surface studio: this is an all in one desktop, 28inch that can adjust and become a digital drafting table with an on-screen surface dial support and a stylus. A surface hub: it's an interactive touch screen whiteboard that's designed to collaborate. The most recent surface lineup has four families that define their respective categories. They are the surface pro (2017) surface laptop, surface book, and surface studio

Surface Pro (2017)

Surface pro according to Foley, Mary Jo (2017) is a multi-mode device, that looks like its predecessor surface pro 4, its price ranges from $799 to $ 2699, its surface pen costs $100, and its type cover costs $ 160 and is both sold separately. Its name and shape are familiar, and despite losing its model number, it retains the signature and the dimensional features than surface pro 4. The pen, the kickstand, and the detachable type cover give complements the device distinctive look. The device m3 and the i5 models are fanless and thus will appeal to users that do not appreciate the occasional fan noise.  The surface pro is A PC that does act and functions as a tablet. The pen is crucial, and Microsoft advertises the ability of the surface pro to shapeshift from a laptop mode to a studio mode and finally to the tablet mode.

Surface Laptop

This according to Hardawar, Devindra (2017) is a highly mobile PC, and it doesn't transform into a tablet. Its price ranges from $999 to % 2199. Its main competitors are the Dell XPS13, MacBook Air and Samsung notebook 9. It has an Alcantara fabric-covered keyboard and has multicolor options which range from cobalt blue to burgundy which make it stylish. This laptop is Microsoft's first ever and it's specially created for buyers that value mobility more than they value computing power. It runs on windows 10S and has better specs than its competitors. It weighs less, and its battery life can serve 2 and a half longer than its competitors. It has a full touchscreen, windows hello facial recognition and also supports the biometric signing in. the screen size is 13.5 inches although it has a lower resolution than the surface book

Surface Book

A surface book according to Ackerman, Dan (2017) is a convertible that feels like a professional grade laptop. Its price ranges from $1499 to $3299. Its main competitors are the MacBook Pro and the Dell XPS15. It has discrete GPU option with a solid base. Its way bigger than the other surface devices more expensive and also performs better. It runs on windows, and it's also a touchscreen. The surface book is like a laptop that feels like a tablet mainly because you can change it into the laptop mode sign up documents and mark up PDFs. The surface book is configured to the Nvidia GPU which is an option on some i5 configurations. This makes it perfect for the graphics professionals and anyone else using onboard graphics. Its base is stable and secure to type on. Its battery is hefty, and the updated performance base incorporates an upgraded Nvidia GPU and a more extended battery raising the battery life with at least four more hours. It weighs about 3.34 pounds heavier than its competitors but the added weight assists in the workability and the performance. It has a dynamic fulcrum hinge used in supporting its screen and uses the zero gravity hinge for rotation and also standing up at the 20-degree angle on the table position

Surface Studio

This according to Moynihan, Tim (2016)  is an all in one desktop PC. Its 28 inches and has the thinnest LCD ever created for an all in one device. A surround sound system and a processor are found it its compact base. The screen is mounted on the compact base using a flexible four-point hinge. This design allows for downward folding to a 20degree angel which ultimately helps the user to interact with the PC at their comfort physically. It runs on Windows 10, and its price ranges from $2999 to $4199

In the end, naturally, I want them all. I will continue to seek out which product best fits my lifestyle. Stay Tuned!

~Michael Goetzman


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