Michael Goetzman

Oh Hai Again!

Hey there, it’s been quite a while. How are you?! So...a huge advantage and disadvantage of having a website is that the ability to suddenly write something. The form is always open, just waiting for you to write content. It's easy to put off... I often wonder if it's worth posting content, who reads it and why?

I can get into a pattern and fun streak posting content about what I’m thinking or researching or working. Other times, I just want to avoid the world, be heads down for long periods of time, and just grind away quietly.

When I do post, sometimes I don't hear from anyone regarding that topic for months. Suddenly someone interested in the niche topic reaches out saying “HEY, I’m working on some similar stuff, check this out... “and it makes posting content worth posting. I love chatting with like-minded folks on the random thoughts and ideas.

The recent delayed gratification of interactions is whispering to me to ramp up content again. I'm thankful for those who reach out. I’ll share what I’ve working on the last few months as we wrap up 2020 and dive straight into 2021. Who knows, maybe you'll message me in 2023 about one of the topics!

~Michael Goetzman

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