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Name: Michael J. Goetzman (LinkedIn)

Location: Cedarburg, Wisconsin
Title: Commercial Real Estate Information Security Leader
Education: Master of Science in Business Management
Certifications: Microsoft MVP 2017-2018, ISC2 CISSP, SANS GSTRT, IIA CRMA, ITIL v3, Google Apps Certified Trainer

You want to know more about me? I’m flattered ...or... you are stalking me 😛 ... However "Who I am?" is a deep question.

My Personal World

When the great intertubes and information superhighway first appeared I was living in Northern Wisconsin, anonymity was the default culture and as a small child discovering this world, anonymous names were essential to fully experiencing this new paradigm of digital freedom. That assignment of an anonymous name was the first step into this new world! My story begins by creating a new character in a text-based MUD game with a random name generator assigning my character: “Kamic A’kota” “Kamic” An anglicized form of kamika, meaning desirous, pertaining to desire. Cupiditas. Since then, I’ve gone by many other names, one in which you may know me by, such as “Minnow”, “Monster”, “Korgo”, or perhaps you know me by another odd name?… “Esse quam videri. Quisque Aliquid Habet quod occultet.

As a youngster, I had an early impulse to discover how our world ticks and sought out places perhaps nobody has set foot on for 500 years, or better yet.. EVER. As an adult this desire still exists, I actively seek out adventures. The more interesting, unique, and abnormal these experiences are the more I’m satisfied. Travel seems to be the best solution, both near and far. I’ve visited nearly every state in the United States except for Alaska, Louisiana, and somehow Texas.

I’ve taken a train through the southern provinces of Canada, studied marine biology on remote islands of the Bahamas, Visited ancient ruins and beaches of Mexico, found enlightenment on pilgrimages to the Holy Land of Israel and Jordan, and studied healthcare technologies in Havana, Cuba. Graduate studies in Cuba was fascinating considering the US blockade. I continue to study and be fascinated with the ever-evolving political evolution of relations between Cuba and the States.

To complement travels, I have an excessive amount of hobbies. I noticed immediately that travel destinations often contain massive amounts of water, be it the ocean or exotic rivers. Obtaining my PADI certification in 1998 at the age of 16 helped me explore and navigate these mysterious places. I’ve had amazingly colorful and lively dives near the Hawaii islands, off the coast of the Bahamas, throughout Mexico, & at the bay of pigs in Cuba! In addition to scuba diving while on vacations, although I am not a professional photographer by trade, I simply try to incorporate photography into my other hobbies to capture amazing memories later in life.

Another area hard to explore is the sky. Prior to children, I flew experimental aircraft. Nearly every year I attend EAA AirVenture in Oshkosh, WI – sometime even volunteering. You used to find me there flying around Wisconsin in a light-sport tail-wheel aircraft called a Zlin Savage cub. I also tried my hand at lighter-than-air in hot air balloons, float plans, and even took a ride on one of only four Zeppelins in the world.

In addition to scuba diving, photography, and flying I enjoy also enjoy exploring local paths and forests, paddling around the Peshtigo river, geocaching with the kids, website building, walking around historic Cedarburg, and curling like the Olympic pros with local clubs! In a former life I was a Lifeguard, built robots with FIRST Robotics, and play on vintage hardware and software from the yesteryears: ICQ, BBSs, and other oddities that most of society has forgotten about.

Lastly, the most important thing in my life is being married with two children. We adore the avant-garde life (at least from Midwestern standards), we seek out fine art, enjoy live indie theater, attending and participating in film festivals, traveling together and discovering new genres of interesting music. Life gets busy fast, working to grow our children's mind, body, and life experiences is top priority. As challenge as that can be, however when I can find some extra time in this ever-so-busy life I try to stop and reflect on it all, grab a good book on philosophy asking bigger questions than I can process, trying to understand the genetics of how we tick, and fantasize about sci-fi worlds that someday may exist.

carpe diem. vita brevis

Professional Hobbies

I believe in freedom of information, equality before the law, the advancement of scientific research, and the individual imperative – organizations & government exist to serve individuals, not the other way around. I’m troubled by dictatorships and abuses of technology like facial recognition. I don’t have solutions. I wish I did. My utopian vision is a work in progress and always evolving. I do not have individual role models but enjoy aspects from great people such as Alan Watts, Andrew Niccol, Isaac Asimov , Increase A. Lapham, Phil Zimmermann, Tim Berners-Lee, Alex Garland, Nathan Myhrvold, Neil deGrasse Tyson, John Gilmore (activist), Dean Kamen , Burt Rutan , Elon Musk , Jason DeCaires Taylor, and the late Jon Karkow – Icon A5 Lead Aero Engineer.

Authoring Novels, getting involved in Film Production, and erecting Interactive Art Structures has been another professional hobby of mine. I’ve been occupied on authoring sci-fi meets philosophy novels for years. I enjoy the challenge of perfecting the story for eventual releases. I thoroughly love creating and detailing odd characters and stimulating creatures and placing them into thought-provoking worlds. Beyond novels, bringing such characters to life in live action film takes a whole different talent. Film allows the viewer to wonder about potential future social actions, like a mind simulator. Lastly, the extreme trial of left-brain thinking is large interactive art structures. Creating, supporting, and funding large interactive art pieces that numerous individuals can allow their mind to wander, work together on, and create visual delights captivates me. I hope to explore these area’s further with next-level creations.

As a professional IT leader, I consistently study esoteric technological emerging trends such as zero-days, cyber-defense countermeasures, and overly paranoid subjects such as artificial intelligence, facial recognition, bio-hacking, hardware hacking, internet of things, smart cities, along with old school styles of phreaking and physical security. Therefore I volunteer, attend & speak at many technology conferences. Sharing with the community helps advance the industry as a whole.

Community is important to me. For the last six years, I’ve built and operated a major community project event called CypherCon, Wisconsin’s community hacker conference. From October to April, any extra time my wife and I can find goes towards planning our state’s next conference that hackers and security professionals seek out and wish for an amazing experience. We do not want to let them down. Year four (2019) brought in about 1000 attendees! We continue to work with others in our community to push into visionary ideas and help educate the industry of new concepts. We plan to focus more on career growth for attendees, build up relationships with each other, and fire as many senses as possible during these small professional escapes from the professional world.

Professional Career

Illusory superiority – non est antidotum

Michael Goetzman

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