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Do you love Art? I like to create conceptualized art, trolling "art" especially yellow journalists that don't check their sources, physical interactive art, and in general create fantasizes of pulling off large pieces by integrating interactive pieces with technology (more LEDS!!) into an odd, thought-provoking pieces that leave you... kinda ... wondering.. What is wrong with Michael?! Hope you enjoy!

Burning Man 2023 - Mud Man

Did you hear about the government shutdown of Burning Man 2023? What about the virus outbreak? Did you know Ebola was walking down esplanade? It was an absolute disaster out there.... while we were making pancakes and trolling the journalists contacting us with our power grid and starlink internet. :) You are welcome.

Barning Man 2022 Burnable Art Structure Concept

Hamsa Hand Structure 2022 Concept

Night View

Day View


DailyMail contacted me via Twitter DM, "Oh, I see you are at the 'Renegade Burn' out in Black Rock Desert during wha normally would have been the burning man event dates...She asks would you like to answer a few questions?! ... I was sitting at home confused, looking at this shitty tabloid website knowing they'd spin the article... so... OF COURSE I WOULD. I proceeded to fuck with them.

EXCLUSIVE: Tech bro boasts about hanging with 'notable celebrities and execs' at UNOFFICIAL Burning Man as rich kids bring their own stages, Porta Potties and DJ equipment to Black Rock Desert 'Playa' (Link to Article)

I proceeded to push hard on every burning man elite Stereotype:

Being Wasteful, Spending Tons of Money
Hanging out with Rich and Successful celebrities
Private DJs, Parties, Portos
Private Airstrip for on-site arrivals
Restrictive entry into private camp
$1000 Internet uplink & SpaceX's Starlink internet service
Virtual Reality headsets on playa

The best part was claiming I was camping with the "Bureau Of Misinformation" (Note: I've never camped with them, but shoutout to their amazing misinformation work)

/WOOSH I can't believe they actually published all my trolling answers....

Examples of other news sites that 'regurgitated' the false information as well.

The Sun - Where I've been called a TECH MOGUL

Texas News Today

And more...

CONCEPTUAL 2021 ART: "A Neon Fucking Shoutout"

By Michael Goetzman

Burning Man 2019 had a neon sign that flashed “I love you. I love fucking you. I fucking love you.” , This is a shoutout conceptual piece to the creator.

CONCEPTUAL 2020 ART: "The Rocking Head"

By Michael Goetzman

The artistic goal was to create a playful child-like experience for Lakes of Fire or Burning Man. A large structure of two east/west facing heads in which LED light the creepy eyes while rocking back and forth as attendees use the playground equipment on the north/south sides.

CONCEPTUAL 2020 ART: "The Connected/Disconnected Office DJ"

By: Michael Goetzman

Conceptualizing and drawing in on mental clashes of 'always connected' and 'bound by time', stuck in the office... one's inner demon still wants to jam to music at Burning Man.

CONCEPTUAL 2020 ART: "The Cubical Connection"

By Michael Goetzman

Conceptualizing getting fished into the cubical life. A Party on the outside, and all work on the inside. Don't get suckered in by the bait.

The 2019 Black Rock City Pendant created by the tymkrs

Successful Project!

My original concept here was an interactive 'badge' for kids and their parents at black rock explorers (a kids camp) at Burning Man 2019. The kids could aim their badge and push the 'temple' button, to change patterns of another badge. The tymkrs created multiple LED patterns shown in the images.


Black Rock City 2019
Pataluma Art Center 2019-2020
Bellevue Arts Museum 2020
Sierra Arts Gallery 2021

2018 Burning Man Shark Pin

By Michael Goetzman

A small blinking and pulse LED gift to new friends and random burners at Burning Man 2018. 1000 were created, 800 successfully gifted.

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