Michael Goetzman


Current Long-Term Projects

  • CypherCon – Wisconsin’s annual hacker conference 2016-2024 - Hopefully entering year five on April 4-5, 2024. Getting back on our feet after 2020 & 2021 were cancelled due to COVID-19. Our sixth year (2023) had nearly 1500 attendees with a e-ink display badge , 2022 badge with flamingos and friends and 2019 badge with a tape-reader badge, our third year (2018) had 745 attendees with a telephreak badge , Our second year (2017) had 525 attendees with an interactive MUD cube badge, and inaugural year (2016) had 350 attendees with a Cypher badge!
  • Cypher Forest - Tackle Puzzles hidden deep in the Wisconsin Forest from 2019-2024

Prevous Major Projects

  • Pandemic Chillwave / Mystical Forest / SolarPunk Vibes - Music & Video Creation (2020-2022)
  • Sci-fi Novel – What if a suspicious pandemic wiped out humanity. Follow Simon, an astronaut in orbit struggle with watching helpless from afar. *Created Pre-COVID19 2017-2019
  • Burning Man 2023 - Opulent Temple! and lots of Mud?
  • Burning Man 2022 - Cool Cat Cafe with friends and... Cats?
  • Burning Man 2019 – New Perspectives with a Midwest Family at Black Rock Explorers
  • Burning Man 2018 – An International Art Collaborative & Experience at Camp Sextant
  • @Graphics – Twitter - Advanced Marketing Sold 2015
  • Culini – My business partner and I  worked on a project that allowed restaurant owners to build their own websites! The difference from competitors being Culini customers could create their own content and their website standards were programmed correctly. Retired 2015
  • Windows 10 Forums – Another project on the prediction of the future operating systems. Sold 2013
  • Windows 9 Forums  – Same as above, another fun project was a community for the “Windows 9” operating system. Sold 2013
  • Windows 8 Forums – An online community for troubleshooting Microsoft Windows 8 operating systems. Sold 2012
  • Tervoo.com – Community ask celebrities questions , then vote up the best questions for priority.  Retired 2009

Ongoing Experimental - Marketing

As you can probably tell I, Michael Goetzman, thoroughly enjoy playing around with online marketing! Regardless what industry you work in, marketing means one thing: driving ROI. Many companies have partnered with me on projects that let to proven track records of driving successful campaigns. Little changes can make the difference between reaching customers or falling short. I’ve offered strategic digital marketing service dedicated to bringing websites, social media, and networks to maximum potential and judged by analytic data.

• Building Facebook Fans, Twitter Followers, and LinkedIn Connections
• Online editorial outreach and publicity
• Social networking consultation and optimization
• Digital sales
• Mobile and email communication
• Fan and influencing customers
• Engaging the customer with brand interaction

Michael Goetzman creates customized marketing plans around upcoming events, product releases, and important dates. He executes this plan through partnerships with online outlets to obtain maximum visibility through reviews, B2B interaction, interviews, contesting, and advertising campaigns. Michael also specializes in blog oriented promotions, fan-to-fan communication, and direct-to-consumer relationships.

  • SOCIAL NETWORKS: Social networks change rapidly! Michael Goetzman provides proper design and content consultation for all major social networks and relevant blogs. Michael will monitor and update each of these websites daily to ensure all content is current and relevant.
  • CONTENT DEVELOPMENT: Michael Goetzman aids in the development and implementation of engaging content. This includes, but is not limited to photos, blogs, video blogs, widgets and applications. Michael understands you need a captivating campaign for your best big release!
  • DATA COLLECTION: Stop spamming your customers! Michael Goetzman helps enable clients to properly build email and mobile databases. He uses the collected information to effectively communicate with customers and turn these relationships to profitability in the maximum capacity. Michael also teaches his clients how to best utilize their existing user information in order to create more loyal and meaningful relationships.
  • OFFICIAL WEBSITE AND MORE: Michael Goetzman oversees the design, functionality and implementation of his client’s official website. Let Michael handle the day-to-day communication with either your website developer or Michael’s development team to ensure that all necessary updates take place. Michael also supervises the design process and applies the latest technologies including applications and widgets.
  • RESULTS: Michael Goetzman sets and regularly monitors benchmarks with each of his clients. Michael is Google certified and has analytical tools to measure results! Statistics include website traffic, social networking growth, and database growth. These metrics are delivered in a concise easy to understand report.
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