Michael Goetzman


Current Research (2024)

  • eBikes (4+ and counting)
  • DeepVR - Elysium & Hacker Hangouts
  • Pinball Machines (10 and counting)

Past Research (2011-2023)

Pending & Ongoing Research Interests

Physical Security: HVRA Access Control, CCTV & IoT
Hacker Emblems: Challenge Coins
Blood & Glycemic Effects
Interesting & Odd Garden Fruits
Experimental Business Cards: Metal, Plastic, & Wood
HAM Radio: Technician License
Innovation: Hackerspaces/Makerspaces
Nocturnal Aerial Animal Behavior: Owls & Bats
Paleogenetics: The dispersion of the Copper Culture
Pursuit of a Bug-Out Bag: Collapse *2021: Pandemic additions?

*Research Background & Philosophy *

As a graduate of Wisconsin University, in a top-tier Wisconsin graduate level master of science in business: management, I received a education that was not only systematically demanding, but which also inspired my curiosity and excitement about scholarly research beyond the classroom. In addition to graduate school, I also attended technical colleges for practical information security knowledge. In summary, my research in management, information systems, and security generates from a background that helps guide my belief that it is my responsibility and duty to pursue, capture, discover, generate, and teach this knowledge. The purpose and result of this mission is to enable me to decipher what I have learned into documents for professionals and the broader community.

To achieve these objectives, I base my research on several core beliefs:

First, an important issue for me is the significance of my research. In my opinion, it is critical that the research in which I engage not only be interesting to me, but also be of use to others; academics and/or to the professional IT / Security community.

Second, I need to get this data on the internet to share with the greater community, even if nobody bothers to look!

Third, I strive to conduct quality research. If research is to be relevant, it must also be based on quality data, thorough analysis, and properly reasoned explanations. I therefore think that it is critical that I venture to maintain high quality standards in the research in which I participate.

Fourth, for my research to be of high quality, it is also important that I request colleagues and associates within as well as outside of the academic society look over the research and offer their approval.

Fifth, although I hold truth to be indisputable, my knowledge about what is true can and will change. Therefore, to conduct high quality research I must be open to different viewpoints, practices, and ways of thinking in order to advance my understanding of the nature of what I study.

Ultimately, Research is something very abstract and complicated. This research is more to me than academic research – It is a passion of knowledge. When I have come up with ideas that may or may not be viable research projects, I have written about them on my goetzman.co blog. Shrug, maybe someone will check it out, today or tomorrow. Science and innovation can only progress forward when knowledge is freely shared among researchers, intellectuals and curious nerds. Go forth: learn and share!

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